Nathan Morris Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Nathan Morris works hard for the workers’ compensation claims of our clients. Mr. Morris comes from a working class family and knows what it is to put in days of hard, physical work. His grandparents came from Oklahoma to California in the 1930’s to work agricultural jobs. One of his uncles fought the fierce anti-labor climate of the 1960’s and 70’s in California being jailed multiple times for organizing on behalf of the Teamsters.

His parents and family came to Las Vegas in the early 1970’s to work construction here in the valley. Mr. Morris got his first job at eleven years old and has developed a reputation for hard work ever since. Having multiple siblings, cousins and friends as union members (Piledrivers, Bricklayers, Pipe Trades, Labors, Iron Workers, Carpenters and Teamsters) has given him a unique perspective and genuine understanding of his clients among his colleagues.

Mr. Morris began his career as an attorney supporting and representing Unions and has continued to fight for the working person through today. No one is looking for a handout, just fair compensation for a hard day’s work. If you get injured while putting in that hard day’s work, Nathan Morris and Morris// Anderson Law are here for you.


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