How to Get Faster Medical care

 Once you have been approved for a workers compensation claim in the State of Nevada, it is important to follow your primary physician’s recommendations for treatment. However, if it seems like it is taking too long to get recommended testing, therapy, or treatments with a specialist, there is a process that must be followed to be sure that everything is in order. You may need to follow up with communications and speak with your doctor or the adjuster in order to get faster medical care. 

What kind of medical delays may be experienced?

If our primary physician for your workers compensation case mentioned that you need additional testing or treatment from another type of provider, it is natural that it might take some time to obtain additional services that may include the following:

  • • Diagnostic testing
  • • Physical therapy
  • • Consultation with a specialist

However, if you have allowed time for the doctor to send in the recommendations and additional time for the adjuster to approve the doctor’s recommendation to move forward, you may wish to investigate the matter to be sure everything is going as planned and within your rights by Nevada law.

Make sure the request was made by a doctor.

In order to receive additional testing or medical care, your doctor needs to send the recommendations to the workers compensation adjuster in your case. This is typically done through fax or email.

Confirm that the doctor sent the request

You can ask the doctor or someone from the front desk whether or not the request for additional services was sent to the workers compensation adjuster. You may also ask what day the request was sent in and what method was used to send in the request. Nevada law allows the adjuster 5 days to look over and respond to any such requests by your doctor as long as the adjuster has received the proper request. You can help make this process go faster by confirming the appropriate information as necessary.

Confirm that the adjuster received the request

You can call the adjuster directly to see if the request was received. You may also ask the doctor’s office if they have documentation of the successful fax transmission or email acceptance to the adjuster’s office.

Confirm that the correct fax number or email address was used in sending the request

You may also wish to check to be sure that the correct fax number or email address was used in sending the request. It may not be enough to check the doctor’s records as human error may occur during transmission. Have the office check the fax transmission verification or sent email folder to verify the proper fax number or email address as well.

Confirm that the adjuster has had 5 days to look over and approve or deny the request

You can check with both your doctor’s office and the workers compensation adjuster on the date the fax or email was actually sent to be sure that the adjuster has had the 5 days allowable under Nevada law to look over the documentation and make a decision regarding the recommended testing or treatments.

Prove to the adjuster that the request was sent more than 5 days prior

Unfortunately, it may be up to you to prove to the adjuster that such a request for additional testing or treatment was sent in through the proper channels more than 5 days before your contact in order to speed up the process for faster medical care. You can do this through several methods:

  • Provide a copy of the fax confirmation page from the doctor’s office to the adjuster showing it has been more than 5 days since the request was sent
  • If email was used, provide a copy of the sent message and any attachments showing the date sent along with any email trail if applicable to show it has been more than 5 days since the information was sent

If you still do not receive an appropriate response, you may wish to file a complaint regarding the adjuster to Nevada Division of Industrial Relations (DIR).

Make sure your doctor has already authorized to proceed

In order to receive faster medical care, make sure the process is not being slowed down by scheduling delays with your doctor’s office. It is important to be sure that the doctor has already authorized additional procedures and that the doctor’s office has your correct contact information in your current records. Go to the Next Article


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