The Attorney General in the State of Nevada has many duties, including handling issues regarding workers compensation through a special fraud unit. Any person involved in the workers’ comp process may commit fraudulent activities or provide false information in order to illegally benefit from such fictitious claims. Through investigation and potential prosecution, those who attempt to scam the system and who are found guilty will be punished with legal and possibly professional sanctions. An injured worker who comes under investigation may wish to consult with an experienced attorney for the best defense in receiving or maintaining workers compensation benefits.

About the Current Attorney General in Nevada

Catherine Cortez Masto is the current Attorney General (AG) for the State of Nevada. She began her elected term in office in 2007. Integrity and leadership are two of her key characteristics that are put into good use as the AG. General Masto is known for implementing new laws and programs that help women, children, and seniors, helping to protect them from abuse, sexual abuse, trafficking, and violence. General Masto has also implemented changes to help reduce the impact of the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine and other substances that are commonly abused. She is helping to protect homeowners and all consumers through protection against loan scams and Internet issues that affect privacy and protection from bullying and predators of all types.

Nevada Attorney General and Workers Compensation

In addition to heading up law enforcement endeavors across the State, the AG oversees the workers compensation program to be sure that regulations and guidelines are being followed. On the AG website, links are provided to offer relevant resources and information to those who are concerned about workers’ comp, including the requirements for eligibility and steps of the process. If any party involved in the workers’ comp process tries to cheat the system, from claimant to employer to provider, the fraud unit will investigate the claims. If there is enough evidence, the AG’s office will prosecute the accused party in accordance with State guidelines and regulations.

Nevada Attorney General Fraud Unit

The fraud unit is specifically designated to exclusively handle investigations and prosecutions involving fraudulent activities for many issues throughout the State. This larger unit is comprised of several smaller units that handle a variety of fraudulent concerns including:

  • • Mortgage
  • • Insurance
  • • Securities
  • • Medicaid
  • • Workers compensation

Whether the injured worker, the employer, the medical care provider, or even illegal claims mills commit the fraudulent activities regarding workers’ comp, the AG’s office oversees all phases of investigation and will prosecute those who are suspected in trying to illegally obtain workers’ comp benefits. In addition, anyone who conspires with the accused or helps another party to illegally obtain benefits may also be prosecuted.

Nevada Attorney General Claimant Fraud

Although the AG’s office investigates and prosecutes anyone who is suspected of fraudulent activity involving workers’ comp, possibly the most common workers compensation fraud is committed by allegedly injured workers. A claimant may try to falsify a claim by faking or exaggerating an injury, falsely claiming an injury occurred on the job that actually occurred elsewhere, trying to receive benefits for a pre-existing injury or otherwise providing false information in order to illegally obtain benefits. Some signs that a claimant is trying to obtain benefits to which he or she is not entitled might include:

  • • No witness to the accident or injury
  • • Injuries that occur at times of changes in employment
  • • Multiple attempts at past claims
  • • Refusal of diagnostics or treatment by the claimant
  • • Delays in reporting an injury or filing a claim
  • • Difficulty making contact
  • • Frequent changes by claimant, such as address, employment, or physicians

Legal Resources for Nevada Workers Compensation

It is often beneficial to consult with an experienced attorney when filing for workers compensation benefits to reduce your risk of being investigated for fraudulent activities. However, if your claim does come under investigation or if you simply need more information about the workers’ comp process, the attorneys at Morris / Anderson Law Firm are available to help you with your concerns.

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