Insurance fraud is considered to be one of the most costly of white-collar crimes in the country, costing insurers billions of dollars every year. The office of the Attorney General is the head of all law enforcement for the entire state, including the Bureau of Criminal Justice. The Bureau of Criminal Justice handles fraudulent activities concerning benefits for a variety of programs, including fraudulent activities in order to illegally obtain insurance benefits. The Nevada Insurance Fraud Unit is designed to prosecute those who illegally try to obtain benefits and payments to which they are not entitled from many of the insurers across the state. These fraudulent activities are considered to be level D felony offenses and are punishable by law.

About the Nevada Insurance Fraud Unit

Those who file false claims or make other misrepresentations in order to illegally gain payment through an insurer are guilty of fraudulence, including anyone who helps in such activities. Although regular individuals are often responsible for this type of fraudulent activity, the problem is actually much larger. Business professionals, including those in the medical and legal professions, larger organized criminal organizations, and career criminals are often involved in cases of insurance fraud worth billions of dollars every year. This special unit through the Nevada office of the Attorney General investigates cases of misrepresentations, false claims, and other fraudulent activities reported by insurers and other agencies. Concerned citizens and insurers may fill out forms to report suspected cases of fraudulence with this specially designated office.

Nevada Attorney General and Insurance Fraud

The Attorney General for the State of Nevada oversees the investigations and prosecutions of fraudulent coverage claims payable by a variety of insurers, including those offering medical, car, life, homeowners, renters, and property coverage. The Attorney General provides investigators and prosecutors whose sole duties involve the Insurance Fraud Unit to investigate all claims of fraudulent activity and bring criminal felony charges against all participants in such fraudulence. The Nevada Revised Standards Section 193.130 lists penalties for the different types of felonies, including level D felonies. According to these statutes, criminal penalties may include imprisonment of 1 – 4 years, fines, restitution, and repayment of illegally obtained benefits as directed through the Nevada Revised Standards Chapter 686A.

N.R.S. 686A

The Nevada Revised Statutes provide the legal guidelines and laws regarding criminal activities for the state. Nevada Revised Standards Chapter 686A details trade practices and frauds, financing and premiums, including cases of fraudulence that are investigated and prosecuted through the Insurance Fraud Unit, specifically statutes 686A.281 through 686A.295. These statutes include detailed descriptions and definitions of what are considered to be fraudulent activities involving misrepresentations for applications of coverage and false claims for benefits, and responsibilities of certain individuals and agencies in reporting any suspected cases of fraudulence. The Attorney General’s office is also obligated to provide any relevant findings and information back to the insurer. In addition to criminal penalties that may be imposed for such cases of fraudulence, these statutes list other penalties that may be placed by the court. These penalties may include the payment of court costs, investigation costs, and prosecution costs.

Legal Resources for Nevada Insurance Fraud

Claim forms can be complicated when filing for payment of benefits through an insurer providing coverage. If you need more information or are having difficulty completing forms or providing necessary information, the Morris / Anderson Law Firm can help. Qualified and experienced, the attorneys can provide you with the necessary legal advice or assistance to file accurate and timely claims to avoid unnecessary investigations for fraudulence.

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