Most injured workers will never need an attorney to represent a Nevada workers compensation claim, but there are times when legal representation is necessary. However, there are circumstances in which the Morris/Anderson Law Firm will not be able to represent an injured worker in a Nevada workers compensation claim.

Those with False Claims

The attorneys at the Morris/Anderson Law Firm do all that is needed for injured workers to receive the benefits that they are entitled to. There are many workers with genuine work-related injuries and occupational diseases that need legal representation. Most injured workers are hard-working individuals who wish to heal and get back to work as soon as possible. However, there are those who attempt to use deception to obtain benefits that they not entitled to receive. This not only takes time away from those who truly need legal services, but it is considered to be workers compensation fraud. The lawyers at the Law Firm will not represent individuals who they feel are being dishonest about their illness or injuries, or individuals who they feel are trying to obtain benefits in a deceptive manner.

Those Who Only Need Information

In most cases, an injured worker will not need an attorney for workers compensation benefits. Most injuries will heal with minimal medical treatment and time off work. Most injured workers simply need more information about the process, required documentation, and deadlines for filing the necessary paperwork. When this is the case, the lawyer directs the injured worker to the appropriate resources. If the lawyer does not feel that the injured worker will benefit from legal representation, the Law Firm will not represent that individual.

Those Who Already Have an Attorney

It is important that an injured worker choose a lawyer carefully because it is difficult to switch to another attorney during a claim. A lawyer will have an injured worker sign a representation agreement. In most cases, there will be a provision requiring payments for services already received if the client releases the lawyer from service. By hiring a new lawyer, the injured worker will need to pay two lawyer fees. The Morris/Anderson Law Firm does not want to become involved in any friction that exists between an injured worker and his or her already hired legal representative. In these cases, the Law Firm will not represent the injured worker but will encourage the individual to work out any differences with his or her current lawyer.

Those Who Cannot Pay for Appropriate Services

The lawyers at the Morris/Anderson Law Firm give all they can to provide the best legal representation possible to their clients. This is how they make their living, and in order to continue to provide such quality services, need to be paid. The lawyers can provide information to those who need it. Referrals may be made to those who need legal representation. In the alternative, the injured worker might be directed to the Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers (NAIW) if the Law Firm feels that there are no other private lawyers who would take on the case. The NAIW offers free advice and services to injured workers who need it once the claim has reached the second stage of appeals.

Those Who Are Disrespectful

Legal assistants and all other support staff are an integral part of the Morris/Anderson Law Firm. These employees are highly appreciated for their experience and efficiency. Legal assistants and other support staff help to make the Law Firm run smoothly and offer invaluable services to the lawyers regarding each case to benefit the clients. While the legal assistants and support staff understand that injured workers often call for legal services when they are angry, scared, or frustrated with the workers compensation system, there is no need for anyone to treat the employees with any manner of disrespect. The Law Firm will not represent those individuals who are rude to our valued employees.

When the Lawyers Are Booked

The Morris/Anderson Law Firm provides individual services to clients to best meet their needs. This takes dedication and appropriate time to spend with each client. There is only so much time in each day to provide these services, so only a limited number of clients can be accepted in a caseload at any given time. Cases are opened and closed on a regular basis, so contact the Law Firm for availability. The Law Firm will not represent an injured worker if the caseload is too full.

Legal Resources for Workers Compensation Claims in Nevada

Injured workers can arrange to meet with one of the qualified attorneys at the Morris/Anderson Law Firm for more information about their rights and eligibility for benefits under Nevada guidelines.

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