Morris Anderson is Now Representing Assault Victims.

Morris Anderson Law is now representing victims of the Massage Envy sexual misconduct case. If you’ve been inappropriately touched, assaulted or abused by an employee of Massage Envy or any other massage parlor, call to speak with one of our attorneys immediately. (702) 333-1111

Massage Envy Employees Assaulting Clients.

KTNV broke the news about Massage Envy. It turns out multiple Massage Envy employees have been abusing and assaulting their clients on a regular basis, but now people are taking a stand.

The personal injury attorneys at Morris Anderson Law are proud of the courageous women and men who have come forward to stand up to their attackers. It is vital that if you’ve been assaulted, abused, or even made uncomfortable by an employee at a massage parlor that you call the police immediately so they can help prevent the same thing from happening to others. The next step is to call Morris Anderson to get your case started. (702) 333-1111

At latest count, over 20 Massage Envy employees have been documented as having complaints about inappropriate behavior with customers. This shocking misconduct can not go on. Take a stand with us.


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