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By July 3, 2015Las Vegas, Laws

Distracted driving has become a topic of conversation for politics all over the country. Now that just about everyone is texting 24/7, concern has grown about the dangers of doing so while operating a motor vehicle. In Las Vegas, it’s no different. In fact, there’s been a real push to make it perfectly clear that if you’re going to be driving around Sin City, you better have both eyes on the road and give it your full attention.

Zero Tolerance

Beginning on April 1st, Clark County law enforcement began doubling and even tripling their presence on the roads around Las Vegas. Their message was simple: when it comes to distracted driving, they have zero tolerance. In a joint effort between the Nevada Highway Patrol and local law enforcement agencies, authorities began appearing on streets all over the county.

Their literal message for the people of Las Vegas has been to appeal to their senses. Distracted driving is simply never worth it. Aside from what it will cost you if you get a ticket, you could also severely injure someone, or even kill them.

Distracted Driving in Vegas

Like we mentioned at the beginning, distracted driving has become a hot topic throughout the country. Commercials play on TV and the radio where a friend or family member reads off the last, benign message their loved one was typing before getting in an accident that took their life.

The potential problem that distracted driving presents in Las Vegas is especially scary though. Aside from the more than half-a-million people who live there, Sin City also sees tens of thousands of tourists visit every single year.

Understandably, most people are a bit distracted when they walk around town. They may have just had a few cocktails or are simply enjoying the bright lights of this big city. While they need to make sure they’re aware of their surroundings at all times, there’s little they can do if a distracted driver crosses their path.

Zero Fatalities

This is the goal the joint effort gave for Las Vegas. Law enforcement is actively working to make sure no one dies because of a distracted driver. To this end, they’ve published a number of tips for local drivers. This includes placing your cell phone somewhere you can’t reach it, not eating while behind the wheel and remembering those people in your life who are counting on you being home.

A $200 Ticket

In case you thought this was hyperbole, look at Stephanie Fragoso. The 37-year old woman was on her way to the DMV April 1st when she got pulled over after leaving an intersection. Her crime? Applying Chapstick. Even though she was at a red light, this still violated the rules regarding distracted driving. She drove away with a $200 ticket.

There are all kinds of ways you can gamble here in Las Vegas. However, if you’re the type of person who likes to take risks by texting while driving or otherwise being distracted, just know that law enforcement won’t hesitate to ticket you.

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