Staying Safe as a Pedestrian in Las Vegas


According to the CDC, pedestrian accidents in Nevada account for as much as 16% of all traffic related deaths in the state. The sad truth is, the number of pedestrian fatalities and injuries continues to grow, despite actions taken by law enforcement and county officials to help raise awareness of this growing trend.

Pedestrian Fatalities

Pedestrian fatalities continue to grow each year, as evidenced by the 43 reported in 2012, and the 60 that were reported in 2013. A majority of these deaths occurred at crosswalks, with those occurring in open lanes following closely behind. So, who is to blame for these fatalities? Well, it seems that the lines are clearly divided between pedestrians themselves, and those driving on the roads.

Potential Causes

The main cause of pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas boils down to a lack of care and attention. Many believe that pedestrians are simply too distracted, whether due to cell phones or simply being unsure of their surroundings. Others believe it’s the drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol, or dealing with their own distractions while operating their vehicles.

Still others blame the issue on long stretches of road, higher speed limits on roads with heavy pedestrian traffic, and rather long blocks of road without crosswalks. No matter what the true cause, there is a significant problem that people need to pay attention to – not only will there be fewer deaths, but also less potential for personal injury cases due to injuries incurred as a pedestrian in Las Vegas.

What You Can Do

While city officials understand that there are changes needed in the roadways of Las Vegas and surrounding areas, those fixes cannot be completed overnight. In fact, current methods of helping to alleviate the problem are slated to take up to 5 years, and cost around $3.5 million. In the mean time, there are some things pedestrians in Las Vegas can do to avoid becoming another statistic, or the need to file a personal injury lawsuit:

• Pay attention to the crossing lights, and only cross during the specified times.
• Always use crosswalks, even if it means a few extra steps.
• Make sure you are paying attention to your surroundings.
• Put the cell phone away until you make it to your destination – that way you are truly paying attention to what is going on around you.
• Watch those free drinks at the casino – it might be fun, but walking busy streets while intoxicated is a sure fire way to end up hurt or killed.
• Don’t stay on the edge of the curb while waiting to cross – even if you are paying attention, that doesn’t mean the drivers are doing so.

Nevada may have its fair share of pedestrian accidents, but simply paying attention – whether you are a driver or walker – can have a major effect on your safety. If you are injured while walking the Las Vegas streets, make sure to contact a personal injury attorney about your case as soon as possible for the best outcomes.

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