Swimming Pool Accidents Are Extremely Dangerous

By September 9, 2015Personal Injury Blog

Swimming pools are popular in homes and resorts around Las Vegas, what with temperatures potentially being very hot around the city. However, swimming pool accidents can occur in many cases with some of the worst being fatal.

The Threat of Drowning Is Real

Nevada has one of the highest swimming pool drowning rates in the country. Also, drownings are more likely to involve children and seniors than any other members of the population. Males are also more likely to drown in swimming pools although females in the toddler and early childhood ranges may also be at risk.

What Risks Are There?

Drownings and injuries in swimming pools around Las Vegas often come out of problems relating to a pool not being properly maintained. In some cases, a fence or wall will not be tall enough or appropriately protected with proper locks or latches that a child cannot easily reach.

There are also times when a power safety cover is not in use. This is used to cover any motors or other electric materials used to keep the water circulating in a pool or to get cleaning compounds to flow within the pool. This can create an electric risk that may cause serious harm to a person.

Who Watches Over the Pool?

Many swimming pool accidents can occur because a pool is not properly secure and ready to take care of problems where a child might be in physical danger. For instance, rescue equipment may not be easily available in some places; this is especially concerning for resort pools where a large number of people might come out to the pool.

In addition, some pools may require lifeguard duty. This is particularly the case for resort pools; pools that are operated by resorts should be properly guarded during hours.

What Legal Responsibilities Are There?

The party operating a pool, whether it is a private party or a much larger group like a resort, has various legal responsibilities relating to protecting all those who might go swimming at a pool. For instance, the operators of a pool should not leave swimmers alone or without any responsible person in the area accompanying someone in a spot.

The people operating a pool must also enforce all the key rules relating to enjoying a pool. These include rules like not diving into certain areas and not running outside the pool area. An operator that does not enforce these rules might be at risk of extreme liabilities.

Also, any debris or items that might cause injuries must be properly cleared out. These include leaves, rocks and other items that might have found their way into the pool.
Intoxicated guests must also be kept away from a pool. A pool owner has the responsibility to keep those who are drunk away as those people may be at risk of potentially getting into a pool and causing serious physical harm to themselves; this can entail drownings in some of the worst cases.

It is crucial for those who operate swimming pools to keep their spots as controlled and safe as possible. Those who are victims of swimming pool accidents should gather as much information about their cases as possible.

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