The Basics of Personal Injury Law in Las Vegas

When someone in Las Vegas has a personal injury case, or believes they may have cause to pursue one, they may not understand the different rules and guidelines that apply. Though most of us do know that any sort of injury we sustain due to the negligence of another person may be just cause to pursue compensation under personal injury law, there is a lot more to it than that.

Common Cases

Firstly, there are many types of cases that can fall under “tort” or personal injury law in Las Vegas. In Nevada, you can seek compensation under personal injury law for a car accident, a slip and fall injury,a workplace accident (this is usually workers’ compensation), animal/dog bites, medical malpractice, intentional injury from assault or battery, exposure to chemicals or toxins, defective products, wrongful death, construction accidents, sports or recreation injuries and even defamation cases.

This makes it a truly broad and somewhat complex area of the law that you should not attempt to navigate on your own. Additionally, there are some very specific rules that apply to personal injury law in Las Vegas.

Know About Shared Fault

In the state of Nevada there is an issue known as “shared fault”. This is when you played a role in the incident that led to your personal injury, as well as any negligence of the other party. As a very simple example, let’s say that you ignored the flashing “Do Not Walk” lights at a crosswalk and made a run for the other side of the street. Let’s also say that someone else went illegally through the intersection at the same time and accidentally hit you with their car. Now, both of you are at fault for the injury, but the person making the illegal move with the car may be a bit more at fault for it than you.

It may be up to the courts to determine what percentage of the blame or fault is yours, and what share belongs to the other party. If a court finds that it is a 50/50 issue, in other words, that both of you share equal blame, you are actually barred from receiving any compensation. Otherwise, the court will rule the amount of total costs (damages) you can receive based on the percentage of fault you share.

Time Matters

Under the personal injury law in Nevada, you also have to file a lawsuit seeking personal injury damages within two years of the incident. This sounds like a lot of time but it can disappear quickly if you are just attempting to negotiate a settlement out of court.

There are so many more basic factors to know about personal injury law in Las Vegas, and it is obvious that a professional lawyer is your best key to a successful case. If you feel that you have suffered some sort of injury due to the negligence of another, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.

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