Time and Workers’ Compensation Issues in Las Vegas


What are your rights under the workers’ compensation laws in Las Vegas? A lot of people know that their employers pay for this special form of insurance and that it is meant to cover very specific expenses if someone is hurt, or even killed, on the job. However, a lot of people don’t quite understand how this coverage works until they are harmed in the workplace, and by then it could be a bit too late to get the compensation deserved.

The How and Why

Why would it be too late to learn about workers’ compensation cases after you are injured on the job? If you speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer they would tell you that one of the best steps to protect a claim is to report any injury to a supervisor as soon as it has happened.

So, let’s say that you were at work and someone was using a tool in a way that was not correct or safe. That tool then harmed you (for our illustration we’ll say that it fell out of the hands of the person using it improperly, and hit your foot), but you decided to wait and see how you felt. You let the entire workday go by, went home, and then went into the supervisor’s office in the morning to report the injury.

While you and the supervisor might feel that you have an unquestionable claim, the fact that you left the workplace and then returned the next day to file the report may decrease your ability to prove that you were not at fault and that it is, indeed, workers’ compensation that should pay for medical expenses.

Of course, your medical condition may relate to long-term problems. While carpal tunnel is something that everyone mentions, a recent article pointed out the difficulties in claiming hearing loss or damage due to workplace injury. For instance, you usually have 30 days to file a report about any injury – including the discovery of a gradually worsening condition. Sadly, many people notice hearing loss before they realize it is related directly to the workplace. By then, the insurer may be able to argue that the claim was not filed in a timely manner, and may not be due to workplace conditions at all.

All of these factors point to one solid solution – get legal help as soon as you can after you are injured on the job.

The Limitations

In addition to the time constraints, your workers’ compensation claim in Nevada may also have only a limited amount of benefits that apply. You might feel you should be compensated for lost wages, medical bills, and more, but the workers’ compensation laws in Las Vegas may put a specific cap or scale on your injury. This is something your attorney can discuss with you in order to help you make proper plans for dealing with such a difficult issue.

Workers’ compensation laws are complex, and insurers change their rules on many issues from one year to the next. Don’t wait to figure out what to do. Report the injury as soon as possible, and then get in touch with a lawyer and get started on your claim.

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