Top 4 Reasons Why Cardiologists Get Sued

Medical malpractice claims are some of the worst kinds, as it means that someone was either harmed from medical treatment, or may have even lost his or her life. We all look to medical professionals for top-notch care and diligence, however doctors are humans – and humans do make mistakes. Below is a list of the top 4 mistakes that cardiologists make that typically lead to lawsuits.

1.  Diagnostic issues – One of the biggest issues that patients have faced with a cardiologist is that myocardial infarction is failed to be diagnosed. The reason for this is that identifying MI can be confused with other medical issues because of the variety of symptoms a patient can have. Another reason is that diagnostic tests for MI often lead to unclear results, which prevents the cardiologist from making an accurate diagnosis. Even more, if a patient has symptoms that mimic MI, the wrong diagnosis could be given.

2.  Unorganized treatment management – Sometimes office environments get cluttered and messy, but when it comes to a doctor’s office, clutter can lead to mistakes involving patient care. For instance, something as minor as handing off patient care documentation from one doctor to another can lead to mistakes. Another example includes the absence of protocols for following up with patients to explain diagnostic testing results; if a well-maintained system is not in place, it is entirely too easy for important documentation to fall through the cracks, leading to improper care and treatment for patients. Up-to-date electronic medical record keeping is also important so that doctors have as much information available to them to make proper treatment decisions and diagnoses.

3.  Surgical or procedural mistakes – This one may just be the scariest on the list. With all the surgeries performed day in and day out, it is inevitable for mistakes to be made. Even though patients are informed ahead of time of the risks associated with their procedures, it does not relieve surgeons from the possibility of getting hit with a lawsuit. If a patient suffers a complication from surgery, it is usually not the complication itself that will result in a lawsuit, but rather how the operation was mishandled by the physician. For instance, if unexpected bleeding occurs after a surgery and the physician does not take action to have it evaluated, this could easily lead to a lawsuit.

4.  Medications – According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 80% of Americans take some type of prescription medication each day – that is a lot. With these kind of numbers, it is inevitable that complications occur, leading to lawsuits. For cardiologists, they are at an even greater risk. The use of anticoagulants, to prevent blood clotting, can lead to many complications, especially if the treatment involves multiple types of anticoagulants.

Medical issues involving the heart are serious, and can be a matter of life or death. Putting your life in the hands of another person, even if it is a doctor, can be scary. Be sure to do additional research regarding the treatment you are receiving, especially if prescription medications are involved. If you have been injured because of a diagnostic error or have not be given the right treatment for your illness, speak to a personal injury attorney immediately. The attorneys at Big Horn Law are experienced with medical-related litigation and know how to get you the compensation you deserve.


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