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The starting point to handle your immigration issue is the consultation. An experienced immigration attorney here at Bighorn Law will start by learning your immigration story. Next you will discuss options and work through a plan to get the results you want. Together you will go over what to expect with fees, costs, timelines and what to do next. Everything you discuss is secure and confidential so it is necessary that you are completely open about all aspects of your situation. We are here to help you and information unknown to the attorney can hurt you.

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Our Team Of Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys

Fili Sagapolutele

With a diverse professional background ranging from congressional affairs on Capitol Hill, to industrial relations in the motion picture industry, Fili has a knack for problem-solving amidst conflict. He is a strategist, finding the most effective and efficient paths to resolution.

Fili began his legal career in insurance defense at a prominent trial firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. His very first assignment was to draft an appellate brief in a multi-million dollar case that ultimately led to a winning decision before the Utah Supreme Court. He would later use his advocacy skills as chief counsel and senior policy advisor with the U.S. House of Representatives, representing U.S. bilateral interests in Latin America, Asia, the Pacific, Canada, the Caribbean and Indian Country. Fili’s more recent experience in the private sector allowed him the opportunity to facilitate industrial relations between signatory studios and labor unions in Hollywood.

After several years on the east and west coasts, Fili returned to his legal roots in the Mountain West region, this time protecting his clientele’s interests against the multi-billion dollar insurance industry.

Nathan Morris

NATHAN MORRIS is a native of Las Vegas and graduate of Green Valley High School. An alumnus of UCLA School of Law, he is licensed to practice law in Nevada, California, and several tribal courts around the nation. Nathan worked for years out of New York and Los Angeles with one of the nation’s most successful class-action plaintiff’s law firms where he represented unions, municipalities, tribes, and individuals across the nation in multi-million dollar litigations. Nathan has returned to his home here in Las Vegas, Nevada to represent those in our valley in need. Nathan’s practice is focused on personal injury litigation and criminal defense.

*Licensed in California and Nevada

For our Utah Personal Injury Lawyers, justice is not an abstract term. It’s something we create every day, for everyday people.

We’ve all heard the expression that everyone deserves a fair day in court. We don’t believe that a person’s wealth or intelligence should have anything to do with their right to justice. If you have been harmed, you deserve compensation. And if insurance companies are using your inexperience to keep your hard-earned money, then you deserve someone with experience and tenacity to get it back.

Our Utah Law Firm exists because we want to help you fight the bad guys, but we know you can’t do it alone. You need people who know the system, the jargon, the rules, so we can beat corporations at their game and give you the outcome you deserve.

In a world of exploiters and exploited, we fight for the exploited. In a battle between big shots and little guys, we’re with the little guy. Where insurance companies care about the bottom line, we care about the top priority: you.

That’s why we come to work every day. It’s that simple.

Why we fight.

Watch us talk about how we became personal injury attorneys.

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