What to Do After a Car Accident in Las Vegas


You may have heard that, as of last year, the Las Vegas Metro Police will no longer respond to calls about accidents that do not involve injuries. This move to save money and keep officers’ attention on more pressing and life-threatening problems is actually potentially harmful to a lot of motorists. It’s also just one more reason that all motorists should keep contact information for a personal injury attorney on them whenever they get on the road.

What Does the New Policy Mean?

According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD), if you are in an accident, once you have safely gotten both vehicles out of the flow of traffic (if possible), you should immediately call 911. At this point a dispatcher will help you determine whether anyone has been injured or not and whether or not a police officer should be sent out.

Unfortunately, without an officer on the scene to determine in person that there were no injuries, you may report that you have not been injured when you are actually suffering from a spinal injury or even internal bleeding. If you are in shock from the impact, you may feel normal for some time.

Injuries are not Always Apparent at the Time of an Accident

In many cases, you will not know if you are actually injured until the police report has already been filed. At this point, the report of the accident will show that there were no injuries, which can hurt your case for receiving compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering.

If you have been in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault and in which no injuries were reported at the time, call a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas right away. You may have a case, but without expert legal advice and representation, you will not be likely to gain the compensation that you deserve.

Exceptions to the New Rules

In some cases, even if no injuries are reported at the time of the accident, LVMPD will dispatch an officer to the scene. You should specifically ask for an officer to respond to your accident if you believe the other driver to be intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. You should also tell the police if the other driver refuses to exchange contact and/or insurance information, their car’s VIN, or any other information listed in the LVMPD’s checklist for what to do in case of an accident with no injuries.

No matter what else you do, be sure to take pictures of the accident, if at all possible, and gather all relevant information from the other driver. Pay attention to your body and make sure that you truly believe you’re not injured before you leave the scene. Then call a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and how to get compensation, in case your injuries do not seem serious at the time of the accident but worsen later.

If you have any questions about auto accident law in Las Vegas, call a personal injury attorney you can trust today for a consultation.

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