Will Google Glass Result in More Distracted Driving Crashes?

Technology continues to advance quickly. Gadgets become increasingly refined, able to handle many tasks and enhance our lives. Just think about all the things a smart phone can do! Many of us would feel lost without our cell phones, which provide us with access to just about any information we want in the palms of our hands.

distracted driving lawyerUnfortunately, sometimes technology gives us something that could be an even bigger distraction than we thought, and might even interfere dangerously in our lives. That something might be Google Glass.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is the latest gadget release from tech giant Google. It looks like a pair of classes, but it comes with a computer display right in front of your eye. It’s very sci-fi. You can pull up anything, from Facebook to sports scores to GPS directions, and keep track of it, hands-free, without having to look down. The idea is that you can walk and surf the Internet at the same time — no need to look down at a mobile device in your hands.

It’s an augmented reality gadget that interposes what you see in the world world with what you see on your small computer screen. This can be especially useful in terms of GPS directions.

Google Glass and Distracted Driving

While Google Glass is a neat concept, there are concerns about the increase in distracted driving that could accompany this new gadget. In fact, West Virginia has already moved to introduce legislation making it illegal to drive while wearing a computer with head-mounted display (this describes glass perfectly).

It’s fairly safe to imagine that at some point Nevada will likely look for a way to similarly strengthen its existing laws against distracted driving.

However, even with laws in place, and Google making it clear that it’s a bad idea to drive while using Google Glass, there are still likely to be those who make the attempt, despite the fact that our brains really aren’t wired for effective multi-tasking.

According to the US NHTSA, those who use handheld devices are four times more likely to get in a car accident. But Google Glass not being handheld doesn’t seem to make a difference. “Headset cell phone use is not substantially safer than handheld use,” the NHSTA points on on its Distraction.gov web site. Imagine a headset that offers images in front of your eye, like Google Glass!

With distracted driving already a major source of car accidents, Google Glass raises interesting issues. How can we avoid more accidents? Laws are a start. Google might also build in a feature that prevents Google Glass from working while the car is in motion, or once the car accelerates past a certain speed. Even with these precautions, there will still likely be those who decide to drive

Avoid Distracted Driving

No matter the device, it’s vital that you avoid distracted driving. If you are a distracted driver, and you cause an accident, your liability coverage can help, but it’s best if you can keep your eyes on the road, and try to avoid an accident.

The NHTSA reports that 40% of teens claim that they have been in the car when a distracted driver does something dangerous; you don’t want to be that distracted driver.

Additionally, if you are injured by a distracted driver, it can severely impact your finances — even if the other party has insurance. Distracted driving, whether you are behind the wheel, or someone else is, has become a real problem. Google Glass may add yet another distraction to the list of things drivers can be distracted by.


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