Will I get Paid for Permanent Scars through Workers’ Compensation?

Sometimes a workplace accident doesn’t just lead to the kinds of injuries that can reduce your physical ability or result in diminished work capacity. In many cases an incident might not cause much in the way of permanent damage, but instead results in permanent scarring instead. In many states, workers can gain access to benefits from workers’ compensation programs in the event of disfigurement or scarring from an injury at work or from scarring resulting from having to treat such an injury such as a scar left over in the wake of a surgery. Here’s some important information as to whether you will be able to receive compensation for permanent scars through your state’s workers’ comp laws.

State Dependent Benefits

There are several states, including Nevada, where a permanent disability rating of an injured worker takes permanent scarring into account. The nearby state of California is another example where such disfigurement is considered a contributory factor to a worker’s overall permanent disability rating, which is measured on a percentage basis. In other states besides California and Nevada, workers may receive a specific one-time payment if they’ve been disfigured or scarred as a result of an injury, though maximum amounts are usually set as a matter of law; one such state that approaches scarring in this way is Massachusetts, where scarring and disfigurement can earn an injured worker as much as $15,000.

Regardless of how your state may handle payments for permanent scars, the location of where these scars are on your body also plays an important role. When you receive injuries that leave your neck, head, or face scarred you’re more likely to be compensated than for scars that affect parts of the body that aren’t readily concealable.

This too varies by state. In some states only scarring on the face and neck is considered serious enough to warrant compensation; in others, any body part that would be revealed while wearing a swimsuit is covered by state law when it comes to being compensated for permanent scarring. However, some states with the more strict approaches to compensation for disfigurement will only provide payment for scars to limbs if they are accompanied by a loss of function, or if the scarring is severe enough to make it harder for the worker to find employment at another position.

Ask an Expert

If you have questions whether or not your particular scars will warrant payment under your state’s workers’ compensation laws, your best bet will always be to consult an expert on the matter. Contact a Las Vegas workplace injury attorney in your area for an initial consultation on your case, and they’ll be able to tell you what kind of compensation you might be able to expect if you were to make a claim. In some circumstances, these attorneys may even offer to represent you during your claims process; this could easily help to maximize your own compensation award for your injuries and for any scars you might have.

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