Workers’ Compensation and Permanent Impairment and Disability


If you suffered an injury while working in Nevada, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. If you are granted workers’ compensation, the insurer will help you recover your medical payments, and you will also receive a portion of your wages. What some people don’t know is what happens if the workplace injury caused a permanent disability or impairment. In this situation, your injury will be rated and you will be awarded a monetary settlement.

If you have recently been injured because of a workplace accident and have suffered a permanent injury, you should get in contact with an attorney immediately. Our legal team has years of experience helping individuals to receive adequate workers’ compensation.

What is Permanent Impairment and Disability?

Permanent impairments and disabilities are lifelong injuries that affect the physical functioning of your body or nervous system. Disabilities are extreme types of impairments that have significant effects on daily life. Examples of disabilities include blindness and loss of hearing.

Permanent impairments are also lifelong conditions, but they are typically less severe. In general, they are related to limited loss of movement. For example, losing your ability to walk or stand up is a type of disability. If you still can walk, but you can no longer fully extend your legs or bend your knees, this might be a form of impairment. Other common impairments are permanent reduction in the movement of your head, inability to raise your arms above your shoulders, or reduced flexibility of your back. Partial loss of vision is also a permanent impairment

How are Permanent Impairment Settlements Determined?

Whether you have permanent disability or an impairment, you will be entitled to compensation from the insurer. The amount of monetary settlement will be mathematically determined based on the severity of your impairment. In Nevada, the Division of Industrial Relations (DIR) has a list of doctors who are allowed to perform impairment evaluations. When you are claiming permanent impairment, there are two ways you can see a doctor.

1. You will be assigned a doctor from the DIR’s rotating list of approved doctors

2. Your insurer will give you a list of approved doctors and ask you to choose one

In Nevada, all of the approved doctors are qualified medical professionals, but many specialize in certain types of permanent impairments. In order to make sure you are being effectively evaluated, you should try to choose a doctor who specializes in your injury. An experienced workers comp attorney can review the insurer’s suggestions and let you know which one is best qualified. Otherwise, you should just ask to get a doctor from DIR’s rotating list. In some cases, the insurer will purposefully provide you a list of doctors who are less qualified for your injury in order to reduce the claim, so you shouldn’t pick one of their doctors unless you are sure he is well qualified.

Have you been recently disabled by a workplace injury? Our firm can help you get the compensation you deserve and an appropriate settlement to address your permanent impairment. Schedule an appointment or give us a call today.

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