Casa Del Alfarero, Las Vegas, is a church that opens its arms to embrace everyone, regardless of status or history. Even if you’ve never been through the doors of a church before, there’s a seat for you here. That kind of impartial, judgment-free warmth can be an enormous source of comfort to many people. 

On February 8, Bighorn founding partner Nathan Morris joined Pastor Nelson from Casa del Alfarero, and a contingent of pastors from all over the Las Vegas Valley to celebrateLatinos Unidos Por Puerto Rico Las Vegas 2020. This fantastic evening of music, preaching and praise was a show of support for the people of Puerto Rico, following the series of earthquakes that have devastated so many homes and families.

It’s always an honor to be part of an event like this. At Bighorn Law, being an active part of the local community is an important priority. And we mean that in its purest sense – a law firm for the people should also strive to be a community resource. The roots and heart of a community are made up of countless invisible, under the radar acts of selflessness and kindness. 

When you think about how different we all are – our backgrounds, spiritual beliefs and a whole stack of other things that might otherwise separate us; somehow, we keep coming together. Being part of a compassionate, diverse community is a blessing in every sense. It defies the odds. 

As a community, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. It’s the togetherness that brings the magic and we’re proud to be part of that. 

When you need us, we’re here, 24/7. Accidents happen without regard for status. People who don’t expect to need an attorney suddenly need a really good attorney – one that can offer solid experience along with a safe pair of hands. In fact, the Bighorn philosophy probably walks a similar path to the grace and humanity of Casa Del Alfarero: whoever you are, whatever your story, there’s a seat for you right here.