The shadow of COVID-19’s reach is not restricted to worries about health and whether you can buy groceries this week. 

For many people, who, pre-coronavirus, were living from paycheck to paycheck, or those for who a break in cashflow means the collapse of their financial wellbeing, lockdown is hurting in more ways than they can count. 

While medium to big companies might have the fiscal latitude to restructure and cushion the financial impact, smaller businesses and many individuals without a financial safety net are facing a bleak, frightening future. Debts are climbing, while earnings and revenue go into freefall. 

Do you recognize your own situation here?

If you’re worried that you might lose your home; face overwhelming financial difficulties or if you’re the subject of a wage garnishment order, then you could benefit from some fast, expert advice. 

Bankruptcy isn’t just for corporations and major businesses – it’s an option that individuals can explore too. It’s possible that a managed bankruptcy could enable you to make a fresh start and put your current money worries behind you.  

Don’t carry the burden of anxiety over your future and finances alone – we can help you. Our attorneys will listen, give you clear, calm advice and find the right pathway to enable you to feel in control again. 

Bighorn Law is stepping up every effort to make sure that we can reach out to everyone in our community who needs us. We offer remote meetings, Skype calls, teleconferencing – whatever works best for you while we maintain a safe social distance. 

Contact Bighorn Law and work with us to explore your options, with the reassuring knowledge that with Bighorn Law, you’re always in safe hands.