We’re told that there won’t be a defined ‘after COVID-19’ situation, and that we’ll have to learn to co-exist with the virus for a good while yet. But there will be ‘after lockdown’ at some point, so we can at least look to that.

All over the world, people are wondering whether the pillars of our everyday lives – work, home, school, travel and so on – will go back to how they were or not. Will more of us work from home, even when offices are open again? Will we fill the skies with as many planes? Will we remember that the most valuable people in a time of global crisis – nurses and grocery store workers among them – are the people who are often undervalued outside of one?

We’ve all got our plans for when lockdown measures are eventually dialed down. Many of them center around the things we always took for granted – spending time with a parent, kicking back with friends, or taking the kids to the skatepark. However long we need to stay in lockdown for our own safety, and that of others, it’s okay to keep a weather-eye on the horizon as well.

At Bighorn Law, we’re shoring up some great plans for 2020. Among them, we’re linking up with Brett Raymer from popular reality TV show Tanked. We’re also excited to be working on more projects with KENEVISION takeover show from Las Vegas, so stay tuned for news.

Bighorn Law is plowing the same furrow as so many others. We’ll do what we need to, staying locked down to keep our staff and people safe, and to support the nurses and doctors battling every day to save lives.

At the same time, we’ve got an eye trained on the horizon. We’re developing fresh ideas and finding new ways of reaching out to people, to serve our community and make sure that everyone has equal access to the justice they deserve.