Kimballs Court

2020 will be the year of many things. The Year We Stayed Home. The Year We Realized Doctors and Nurses Really Are Heroes. The Year We Home Educated Our Kids.

The Year of the Podcast?

Locked-down and online, people are tuning into podcasts more than ever before. And there are some really great ones out there. Whether you want to broaden your culinary horizons, learn more about the burning political issues of the day or listen to a meditative, mindful approach to sleeping better, there’s a podcast for you.

If you’ve worked your way through your listening list or are looking out for something new to entertain and inspire you, then we have an awesome suggestion – Kimball’s Court!

Bighorn partner and attorney Kimball Jones is putting several of his diverse skillsets into one place, to bring you a lively and compelling podcast about law, books and sports. In other words, something for most of us!

Kimball is no stranger to giving back to his community and country. He served on a full time basis in the Army following law school, and continues to serve as a reserve.Even while we’re all physically distanced, Kimball, along with the other Bighorn attorneys, is still working with the same passion as ever; fighting for justice for his clients in multi-million dollar personal injury claims.

Somehow, there is also time for Kimball to record one of the much-loved Little Ram Bedtime Stories that people across our community are either sharing with their children, or using the opportunity to grab a few quiet minutes themselves. See what we mean about giving back? That’s the Bighorn spirit right there. Podcasts – accessible, on-demand broadcasting – have been around for the best part of two decades now, but we’re all fans these days. If there is a Golden Age of the podcast, it is now.

We’re always looking to strengthen our links with the community we serve. Tune into Kimball’s Court with Bighorn Law, and let’s learn, listen and be entertained together!