Two retired judges – Clark County District Judge Jennifer Togliatti and California Judge Louis Meisinger will administer the apportionment of up to $800 million in settlement funds to victims of the Route 91 shooting in 2017. 

The 4,400 plaintiffs have moved one step closer to receiving compensation following the festival tragedy. 

The lawsuits in the litigation stretch across at least 10 states. Trying to decide who receives what is a monumental task, especially knowing that for most victims, no amount of money can ever be enough. For the attorneys and judges, there is no satisfaction in totting up the value of a life.

In respect of the victims who died as a result of the tragedy, compensation will be agreed following careful analysis of the age of each victim and what their future earnings capabilities would likely have been. While this is not an exact science, attorneys and judges increasingly utilize predictive analytics and modeling tools to fine-tune settlements. 

For the people who suffered injuries on that night, the judges must consider the amount of compensation that represents the extent of the physical and psychological harm itself; past and future lost earnings, medical bills, expenses and so on. 

They also look at the state of health and the status of each victim at the time of death or injury. What direction would their lives have taken, had the incident not happened?

While the plaintiffs have been spared prolonged court proceedings, it’s hard for them to have to face this monetization of such a profound trauma. What the survivors want is their loved ones back, or their health restored. Money is no substitute, but it’s all the system can offer. 

Virtually all personal injury lawsuits follow a similar curve: a financial sum is thrashed out that – as far as is practicable – places the injured person in as close a position as possible to the one they would have been in, had the accident or incident not happened. 

It’s for these reasons that plaintiffs always need compassion as well as legal acumen. Bighorn Law attorneys will always pursue justice with accuracy and aggression, while simultaneously making sure that you’re holding up okay, and that the legal process isn’t causing you any undue stress. 
At the heart of every case, beyond the paperwork, court hearings, legal jousting and strategizing, is you – the client. You matter. Your worries and hopes for your future. The strength you’re finding from somewhere to deal with an unforeseen situation. At Bighorn Law, we never forget that. We care, and we’ve always got your back.