It just got a little more expensive to flout workplace safety guidelines in Nevada,
following an increase in the penalties levied by the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) of – wait for it – 1.8 percent.

To appreciate the full picture of how hard-hitting this increase is, here’s an example:
the fine for workplace hazards that could result in serious injury or death has
increased from $13,260 to $13,494. Yep, a staggering $234.

Actually, we’re being deliberately facetious here. A pre-emptive system of overseeing
workplace safety is a good one. Unlike other countries, where workplaces are often
only investigated and fined following an accident, OSHA guidelines are designed to
be preventative. Penalties are enforced upon a violation of the regulations being
identified, rather than in response to an accident or death.

The law surrounding accidents at work is complex, but the overriding tenet of The
Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is a simple one: everyone has the right to
a safe workplace. The general overview document of worker rights under the OSH
Act makes its case beautifully; OSHA strives to make sure that every worker in the
nation goes home unharmed at the end of the workday.

Of course, it remains that accidents in the workplace do happen. If you’re unlucky
enough to be the injured party, then you’ll need advice from an attorney – and fast.
Workers’ compensation claims are complicated. It’s imperative that you get accurate,
expert advice right from the start. Failure to take exactly the right steps at the right
time can compromise your claim.

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your claim. They know the letter of the regulations like the back of their hands and
they’re wise to the knots and pitfalls that less experienced attorneys will fall foul of.
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