The Bighorn family is proud that personal injury and medical malpractice attorney Siria Guitierrez has launched Pivotal Moments, a brand-new podcast that ‘shares, explores, and celebrates stories of change we make in our lives.’

Along with co-host Melissa Robaina, Siria discusses the moments in our lives where we reflect, dig in or change direction. Guest interviews, plenty of humor and honesty, and perceptive points of view reach out to listeners on their own journey. 

COVID has given us all pause. Many of us are reassessing the old order – both personal and universal – and have taken the opportunity to learn empowering new skills and glimpsed fresh possibilities. 

One key concept that the podcast returns to – hence the title – is the notion of pivoting. How a single pivot can bring joy, a sense of independence and control over your life. Pivotal Moments shares stories you can relate to, and others that make you sit up and think: “I can do that.”

The Pivotal Moments ethos taps right into something at the heart of Bighorn Law – hearing people’s stories. We always want to listen and learn about the people and communities we serve.

What’s your story?