Take the bus to work or college? Awesome – public transport is an uptick towards minimizing your carbon footprint and it’s generally a low-cost, convenient way to get around.

But what if you trip or fall on a bus?

Different factors can lead to someone getting hurt while traveling on a bus: wet floors with inadequate slip-resistance, or unmarked and uneven steps. Sometimes the motion of the vehicle itself can cause someone to fall, if the driver makes an abrupt manoeuver. In winter weather, ice and water picked up on passengers’ shoes can accumulate quickly and make steps and walkways slippery.

Accidents can happen whether the vehicle is moving or stationary. Upper limb injuries – a sprained wrist or broken arm for example – can be a common injury, as people instinctively put their arms out to break a fall.

If you slip, trip or fall on a bus, it’s possible that another party may be liable for your injuries and losses.

Common carriers in Nevada are required to meet a stringent duty of care. Both residential and tourist buses should be regularly inspected for defects and operated by trained drivers exercising diligence at all times.

But accidents happen; sometimes due to the negligence of an individual, another vehicle, the bus company or even the municipality. If you’re unlucky enough to be injured on a bus, report your injuries to the driver as soon as you can, even if you think they are already aware of the accident.

The insurance position in bus accident claims can be tricky – you need a personal injury attorney who knows the landscape well. At Bighorn Law, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to investigate your claim; determine the party or parties that have been negligent, and go on to fight your case and win.

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