Nathan Morris

Attorney / Partner

Attorney, educator, master storyteller and helper in the community, Nathan left a dominant national plaintiff’s law firm and founded Bighorn Law in 2011 based on the principle that creating a community of like-minded legal professionals centered on the client experience, human justice and community service would revolutionize the practice of law and lead other legal professionals to follow the lead. Nathan is a native of Las Vegas and graduate of Green Valley High School. An alumnus of UCLA School of Law, he is licensed to practice law in Nevada, California, and several tribal courts around the nation. Prior to founding Bighorn Law, Nathan worked for years out of New York and Los Angeles with one of the nation’s most successful class-action plaintiff’s law firms where he represented unions, municipalities, tribes, and individuals across the nation in multi-million dollar litigations.

Nathan has returned to his home here in Las Vegas, Nevada to help those in need in Las Vegas and nationwide with offices in Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Nathan’s practice is focused on helping people who have been harmed. His drive to create the Bighorn Law community has resulted in a culture of helping based in a sense of fair play and the aggressive pursuit of justice in helping those who are in need. Today Bighorn Law helps people across the nation, seeking justice and peace aggressively, leading other legal professionals on this path on this path of client-centered human justice.

Nathan lives with his dear wife and five amazing children in Las Vegas.