SEIU Nevada Labor Union

The Benefits of Being Part of a Labor Union

What are the benefits of joining a labor union? Is membership something you should consider?

SEIU Nevada is part of the US-wide Service Employees International Union. The SEIU is a progressive, worker-first movement with global affiliations that works with other unions to support and fight for workers’ rights.

With roots going back almost 100 years, the SEIU has more than two million healthcare and public sector members nationwide, and is the fastest-growing union in the country.

Being a union member gives you a more powerful voice in the workplace, from being paid a decent wage for the work you do, to protecting your employment rights. You also have representational rights, to have a Union Representative attend any meeting with you that could lead to disciplinary proceedings.

The truth is that as employees return to the workplace, hoping that their employers are being pro-active about robust COVID-19 safety measures to protect their health, it’s a worrying time. Talk of coronavirus liability shields for companies is unsettling. Labor unions are positioning themselves to fight for their members if worker safety is undermined as lockdown is lifted.

“As workers face unprecedented risks to their health and economic security, we should not be eroding our nation’s civil rights, workplace safety, and employment laws. Workers’ safety is not a bargaining chip.” – House Education and Labor Committee

If you’ve been tossing around the idea of joining a union, maybe now is a good time to think about the benefits.

If you’re already a member of a labor union, and you’ve been hurt doing your job, then the Bighorn Law Workers Compensation attorneys are here to guide you while you work out your options. There’s no pressure – we don’t need to represent you in order to help – we’re here to give you the expert advice you need to go forward.

At Bighorn Law, we want a fairer, safer workplace for everyone. We want every worker to be treated with respect, and to have a voice in the workplace that we listen to.

Until that happens, Bighorn Law is here to listen – and we’ve always got your back.